Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY candlesticks

A few months back I came across this post over at My world made by hand and was super excited to get started on my own candles. It took me a while to find the supplies, can you believe that you cannot find wooden table legs in Switzerland?? I ended up paying a bit more that I liked for this project but I'm glad I did it anyway. Right now they are standing on a new piece of furniture we got yesterday so I haven't had time to really do some proper decorating.

Jessica at My world made by hand did a great tutorial on how to make these so I wont write much and just let the pictures speak for themselves:)
Here are the supplies I used:

Since it is a table leg, you have to saw off the little metal stub, that was the hardest part of this project.

Before I painted it:

At first I painted it a light brownish color and distressed it but after a while I didn't like the color, they didn't seem to fit anywhere looking like that. So eventually I painted them a nice rich dark brown and didn't do any distressing. I like my candle sticks a lot now and adding a decorated candle really dresses them up!

Spring decor

We just got some new furniture so the shelf I used to decorate had to come down, at least for now. But now I have a lot more areas that I can decorate, so that makes me happy:)
This is what I had on my shelf up until yesterday, I just transferred it to the new furniture.

I bought the green plants at Ikea for 1.50 as well as the pot holders for 50 cents, you can't beat that...especially in Switzerland!