Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pomander flowers

Eventually the flowers I had on this piece of furniture died so I had to find something new for my spring decoration. I came across this post on how to make pomander flowers and got straight to work.

I used my silhouette to cut out hydrangea petals from shiny pearl pink and violet paper ( you could use a flower punch). I made two 4 inch pomanders and one 2 inches big using Styrofoam balls. For the bigger pomander I cut petals about 3/4 inch big and for the smaller one I used petals that were about 1/3 of an inch. Curl the edges of all the petals (you'll need about two sheets of paper per pomander or one sheet for the small pomander).

I then used a box of sewing pins and 2 small boxes of white shiny beads.
Pull a bead through a sewing pin and poke it through the middle of a hydrangea petal. Then poke it into a Styrofoam ball. In the picture below you can see the different petal sizes I used. At first I was just going to use the small petals but it would have been so much work so I switched to the bigger petals and kept the small ones for my 2 inch Styrofoam ball. This was a very simple project, perfect for a movie night!
I placed the finished pomander flowers on top of my white Ikea candle sticks.
Oh and I finally found a place for my feathered wreath, the shutters open up and there is a mirror inside, I found it in a hobby store in Germany a couple weeks ago when I was visiting friends in Munich.
I have three of these gorgeous birds that I bought a while back but so far I've had a hard time finding the right spot for them.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe try it out yourself!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Oversized glasses

I dont really know what to call these but they made me think of a really big drinking glass:) So here's what I made with the stuff I got at Ikea! Originally I wanted to make Hurricane vases like I saw on this website but I couldn't find cheap glass candlesticks or cheap vases until I went to IKEA and was inspired to make something a bit different.
Here's what you'll need:
3 Ikea vases at about 2 dollars each
7 small glass candle holders at about 50 cents a piece
3 glass candle coasters at about a dollar a piece
strong CLEAR glue!and of course something to fill the vases with!
I started by removing all the stickers from my items (I think that's what took most time!). Then glued the bass of a candle holder to a glass coaster.
The bass of the candle holder fits perfectly into the center part of the coaster which goes down slightly.
I made 2 different heights, one with three candle holders and 2 with 2 candle holders, so it's just a question of stacking them and gluing them together. I made sure to let everything dry for quite a while so it took me about 24 hours to finish the project but I probably only spent about 45 minutes actually working on it.
To finish it off glue the vase to your candle holders.
Then fill the vases with whatever you want, I tried out a few things until I found what I liked.
3 candles were too much in the end so I added some potpourri that I got at IKEA in the two shorter vases:)
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ikea tweak

The past two week-ends I ended up going to IKEA to pick up some supplies for a few projects. I'll be posting my latest project this coming week but before I wanted to show you a little something first. I wanted one of those scented candles in a glass for my kitchen to remove smells after cooking but I wanted it to look nice so here's what I came up with:
Yep, you only need one small candlestick holder, also from IKEA for 50 cents. I didn't want to glue it on permanently because I want to reuse the candlestick once this candle is done so I tried glueing it together with my glue gun first. I tried pulling them apart and it came off very easily so I ended up using 3 glue dots from my scrapbooking supplies to stick them together. That seems to be working well, I'll just have to be careful when I carry it around.
I think it gives it a little something extra:) What do you think?

Friday, April 1, 2011

spring/easter wreath

I saw a wreath like this around Christmas time in the stores here in Switzerland and knew I had to make one myself but it took me forever to find relatively cheap feathers so the project kept being put off.
Finally I found the supplies I needed and got to work.
You'll need:*lots of feathers ( I used white ones because everything else was too expensive but it worked out well since the Styrofoam wreath was also white) I ended up using a bit less than one bag of feathers
*Styrofoam wreath with a flat bottom
*beads to match the feathers (mine were 8mm wide and you dont need very many)
*small scissors
*glue gun!

You dont need the whole feather, you want to remove all the fluffy bits so you're feathers look more like the feather on the top right in the picture bellow.
Once you're feathers are ready you can start gluing them to your wreath, I started at the top first and then added two rows of feathers on either side of the top row, it takes some time but it's pretty simple.
After you've added all your feathers just add some beads here and there by sticking them into the feathers, I didn't add any glue in this step because I didn't know how best to do that but it would be a good idea because the beads have a tendency to slip off.
I like how it turned out, now I just dont know where to put it because all my walls are white as well as my front door....so it just blends into everything!! Help!