Monday, May 28, 2012

Travel pics

A week ago we got back from a trip to Tuscany in Italy, it was gorgeous! On our third day we visited a mid-evil town called Lucca before heading over to Pisa. One of the things I loved about Lucca were all the bikes leaning against old walls and gates. Vintage perfection!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One more felt hair clip post:)

The other day I remembered that I had more flower die cuts that I hadn't used to make hair clips with so I got to work, and I LOVE the finished product!!

 I used the spellbinders 'Rose creation' set and the sizes that I used are the two smallest orange ones and the darkest flower on the cover of this set.
 I used my grand calibur to cut the biggest flower die twice and the the two smallest ones once each. You'll also need a button, a simple hair clip and of course some felt for the leaf.
 first stack the flowers together, I went from biggest to smallest. Then glue the button to the middle of the flower and add the leaf to the back of the flower. I used my glue gun once again to put the whole thing together.
 Hot glue to the hair clip to the back making sure that the top of the clip is completely covered by the flower, as shown in the picture below.
 Then go buy felt in all different colors and make tons of these little flowers!! Enjoy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Surprise birthday party!

This week I've been busy preparing a surprise birthday party for a dear friend who's in charge of the playgroup my son and I go to. She is such an adorable person and I wanted to do something nice for her for a change. When the weather is nice we usually meet at the playground so I went early and decorated the picnic area.

 I made this happy birthday banner (I'll post a tutorial soon!).
 And these cute tissue paper pompoms, check out this link to see how I made them.
 I made cupcakes and had all the other moms bring some food to share, there was tons of food!

 I made a wooden sign with her family name on it like I showed in my previous post (the red sign) and I made some cute felt hair clips for her cute daughters (I'll be posting a tutorial on those too).
 She was so surprised! We all had a great time and I'm so glad we had awesome weather for the party!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

more plaques

 I've made 4 plaques this month already, I'll be sharing 3 with you today because I still have to send the 4th to a friend and I dont want her to see it on my blog:)
This first sign was my favorite to make because I love the colors and the distressed shabby chic look. I made it for someone in our ward at church. Finding the right fonts is always what takes most time I find.

This cute little owl sign was for a friend who had her first baby about a month ago.
 The 3rd sign is for a friend that I'm organizing a surprise birthday party for (she doesn't have facebook or know about my blog so I'm not spoiling the surprise!)