Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hydrangea heart wreath

Once a month there is a flea market just outside out apartment building, there are always 2 or three stands that sell shabby chic stuff. One lady also sells these handmade hydrangea wreaths. I bought one for 5 euros and chose the heart shaped wreath. The flowers were still fresh when I bought the wreath as you can see in the picture below. The lady said to just lay it flat for a few days until it dried.

So these next pictures were taken about 4 days after I bought the wreath, it was dry so I decided it was time to use it properly.
The colors are still the same as when they were fresh! I love this wreath!


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sitting corner

one of our favorite spots in our new apartment is this guest bed covered in pillows right by the window. The kids love to stand on the bed and look out the window and my husband and I like to sit and read or take naps there.

I still need to put something on the wall and find a cuter side table to replace this Ikea table.
I picked up this lamp at the thrift store in France, I painted it off white and distressed it. The pillow cases with the roses were a wedding gift from one of my best friends from Finland, I love the pattern.

A couple more views from the balcony in the living room, I love sunny days with a blue clear sky!

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