Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rapunzel birthday party part 1

Since we live close to family (we have a big family:) we always have to have two parties, one for family and one for friends and since Megan is born mid-August we try to wait till the end of the month to have her friend party because school doesn't start till the beginning of September in France so mid -August a lot of her friends are still gone.
As you might have noticed from my invitation tutorial Megan had a Rapunzel birthday party. So the colors were all shades of purple, pink and some yellow. For the family I just prepared a dessert table and some snacks.

 I made a happy birthday banner out of cardstock using my spellbinders nestabilities dies and I used my silhouette SD to cut out the letters for the banner.
 I made a big yarn braid for the table and used a lot of fresh flowers from a friends yard, I was so grateful for the fresh flowers that were free:) I made angel food cupcakes....I usually make a regular angel food cake but I wanted to do something different. I dont think I'll make those again though, they ended up all shriveled and wrinkled and the paper tins were just coming off on the sides....I tried to save them from looking too bad but at least they were tasty!
 I made mini pavlovas which have become a big favourite in our family. Here's the recipe I use.

 I found this great whipped cream frosting recipe that I used for the pavlovas and the angel food cupcakes, it held up great and it was light and not too sweet.
 oreo cake pops
 Carmelitas, also a favourite:) You can find the recipe on my blog but I actually found it on pinterest.
 A few salted snacks and some fruit and drinks. I made a couple fabric buntings for the decorations and stenciled gold suns onto them. I got the sun shape for the silhouette off a friend's blog called thefleetingthing, she gives you the link for the shape she created and she has a ton of great ideas for a Rapunzel birthday party along with detailed tutorials on how to sew an amazing Rapunzel dress and treat bags for the kids.

 We love hummus in our family so I cut up some vegetable and used this recipe I found on pinterest to make the hummus.
 Here's a quick overall shot of the living room with the bunting hanging off the ceiling, Ikea lace curtains around the mirror, birthday banner on the mirror and dessert table. See you next time for part 2 of the birthday celebration:)

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rapunzel birthday invitations

My daughter turned 7 this summer, she has very long blond hair and loves the movie Rapunzel so it was easy to decide on the theme for her birthday party:)
After spending a lot of time on pinterest but not finding anything I really liked I decided to come up with my own invitation. The one thing I saw on pinterest and loved was the idea of having a yarn braid on the invite like on this one.

 First thing I did was look on the silhouette store to find a tower. I was so happy when I found this 'stone tower' shape. You get the tower and then the stones for the main part of the tower. I cut the towers out in brown and the the stones in light purple. I later cut out another tower shape, white this time and had the information for the party written on it.
I glued the purple part on top of the brown tower and used white craft ink and a sponge to add some texture to the brown stones.
 Then I used my grand calibur and a spellbinders die to make miniscule little flowers in pink and purple.
 I used a spellbinders foliage die for the leaves on the tower. 
 I assembled the little leaves or vines.

 I also made about 3 bigger flowers per invitations, I just used an old flower punch I had lying around and shaped them a little. I wanted a bit of yellow on my card too so I took some pearls and used a copic marker to color the pearls.
 I then assembled all the tiny flowers onto the vine and added the 3 larger flowers as well.

 To finish it off I glued a little yarn braid to the inside of the window in the tower (I did hide the knot with the other invitations, just dont glue down the window part before you've inserted the braid!! ).
 I made these cute little tickets and added a colorful paper clip to hold the front and back (the white tower with the party info) of the invitation together. Luckily I only had 8 of these to make, it took me about 4 hours to make all of them. 
I hope this can maybe inspire you if you ever have to make Rapunzel birthday invitations!:) Have a nice day!
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