Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A few views

No, we do not own a mansion in the center of a small German town...but we do live (it's a rental) on the second floor of this cool gray and white building in the center of a small German town:)

The apartment has nice big windows so that we can fully enjoy all the nice views from the second floor. These pictures dont really do the views justice in my opinion though.

It's fun to just sit by the window and watch the people down below. I love that we can actually see the mountains in the back. Apparently the best view is from our tiny bathroom window that's too high for me to look out of but my husband who is way taller than me gets to enjoy the nice view every time he uses the bathroom:)
I'm so excited that fall has arrived, I love curling up on the couch with a good book, lots of pillows and a warm blanket on my legs...and maybe a couple cookies with lots of cinnamon in them!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kitchen in new apartment

We moved in 3 weeks ago and there is still so much to do but the place is starting to look nicer. I've spent most of my time working on the kitchen (when I have any time at all).
I love this area of the kitchen with my little table and the three ikea chairs that I painted (well they aren't all finished yet but you can't tell in the picture which one is finished and which two aren't:)

The built in kitchen is more 'modern' than I'd like it to be and there is practically no cupboard space or work surface. Since this is a rental we didn't do much to improve that except add a few shelves. I only have one drawer in my kitchen so our silverware is hanging on the wall:)

I do like the the cupboard with the glass door so I can display some of my nicer plates and bowls.

This is a thrift store find that I got in France, we only live 20 minutes from France now which is lots of fun. I'll post more pictures of some of my other thrift store finds from France soon!

I love the light pastel colors of the design.

the ceilings in our new place are very high so you can't actually see the lamp hanging from the ceiling in the first picture. I love this lamp, it's goes perfectly with the table and the little shelf on the wall. I also love that I got this lamp for free:)
Will be posting more pictures of our new apartment soon!