Tuesday, August 16, 2011

in between boxes

The first week end that we were supposed to start packing I decided to paint a table for our new kitchen. The kitchen in our new apartment is going to be very small, we can fit a table in it but it has to be very narrow. I had this really cute table that my Dad and my Grand-father had restored for us as a wedding gift, we haven't been using it the past few years because it needed a new coat of paint. Since I like farm style kitchens I decided to strip the top of the table so the wood underneath would show.
This is the only before shot that I have. The table in this picture is an ivory color and I wanted it to be an antic white.
I love the color of the wood!!

There was a lot of sanding involved...
I used a satin finish cream white paint to cover the legs.

It was getting dark when I finished painting the legs so they look a lot creamier than they actually are, the color is much lighter. In this picture I haven't actually varnished the top, I later added 4 coats of clear varnish to the top the table.

I have four of these wooden Ikea chairs, they are very white right now and I've started to take the paint of the seats and painting the rest the same color as the kitchen table legs. I am also going to distress the chairs a bit.
I'll take pictures of the finished product in our new apartment where the lighting is much better I think. 3 more days till the big day!!!

We're moving!

So the reason why I haven't posted anything in a while is because we are busy packing!! We are moving out of Switzerland and going back to Germany. We are super excited especially because our new place is just about 20 minutes away from the french border so I'll get to shopping in antic stores there. Also our apartment is really nice, it's on the second floor and has amazing views of the old part of town and the mountains. I can't wait to start decorating!!

The inspiration for our new dinning table comes from this picture out of Coastal living.

I've already ordered my farmhouse table from a french catalog called La Redoute which I am now in love with, they have the most amazing furniture at very reasonable prices. here's the link to the table.

In between packing I've been busy checking out blogs, farmhouse style blogs to be exact. I'd love to decorate our home in white and honey colored wooden furniture, washed out blues and turquoise. My new favorite blog is called dreamy whites. Her house is just gorgeous!! My problem is that my husband isn't into the whole white thing, actually he hates it....so no white fabric couches for me I'm afraid:( Still, I hope I'll be able to style our apartment in a way that he will like too.