Monday, June 6, 2011

cabinet door tray

I've been seeing a lot of projects on blog land using cabinet doors, sadly I can't just buy closet doors here so I finally decided to just make one.

I bought a rectangular piece of pine, some molding and two handles. You'll also need a saw and a miter box, as well as paint, wood glue and strong contact glue.
Start by measuring what size you want the middle part of your door to be and then cut the molding using the 45 degree angles on your miter box.

Then using wood glue just glue the molding into place.

Fill any cracks with wood paste (read the instructions on the box).

I started by painting my tray dark brown.

Then I went over it with an off white. once that was dry I sanded the edges and the molding, then only part I didn't sand was the middle of the door inside the molding. Then I glued my handles to the door.

I wanted yellow and aqua for the decoration, the only thing I had to buy were the flowers. I really like how it turned out.

I think it goes well with the turquoise canvases I have on my wall!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pottery Barn Knockoff

I came across a picture of this really cool clock face from pottery barn in this tutorial on the Tatertos and Jello blog. I wanted mine to look more like the one from the magazine though .

All I bought for this project was a square piece of pine wood, everything else I had on hand. Here's what you'll need:
*A square piece of wood, any size you want
*a napkin that has three layers
*mod podge
*distress inks
*roman numerals stencils (you could print some off the computer and trace around them)
*round objects you can use for tracing circles
*brads or eyelets

1. First apply a coat of mod podge to your wood and lay down one thin layer of tissue ( I just used one napkin and separated the three layers and glued them individually).

2. let dry a bit and add more mod podge and glue another sheet of tissue. Repeat a third time. by gluing them individually you get more crinkles.

3. Paint your first coat, I used dark brown acrylic paint. Let dry. It had this really awesome leather look:)

4. Apply your top coat, I used an off white acrylic paint. Let dry and lightly sand over the top to reveal the bottom coat here and there.

5. Use distress inks with a sponge to add color, I used walnut and peeled paint which is a green color. You might notice that there are brown splotches on my clock face, that's because I used a stain at first that didn't work well at all, I also messed up the last circle and had to start all over again so the second time around I didn't use the stain and just used the distress inks. I'm glad I messed up the first time:)

6. I used one of the kids plastic plates to trace a circle in the middle, then I stuck my numerals around the circle. I traced about them and filled them in with a sharpie. Then I traced a circle around the outside of the numerals, finding something the right size was almost impossible, this is where I messed up the first time, I kept trying to fix my circle which just looked worse and worse ( I ended up just painting the whole thing off white again and started over). To finish it off, I lightly sanded over all the black sharpie numerals and circles so they wouldn't shine so much, it looks a lot better that way. I flattened some eyelets and brads for the small middle circle and to put over the numbers.

I really like the finished look. My apothecary jars go perfectly with it. By the way I made those jars just by gluing mason jars on top of some IKEA candlesticks and adding a little knob to the top of the lid!

If you give it a go send me some pictures!!!

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