Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pottery Barn Knockoff

I came across a picture of this really cool clock face from pottery barn in this tutorial on the Tatertos and Jello blog. I wanted mine to look more like the one from the magazine though .

All I bought for this project was a square piece of pine wood, everything else I had on hand. Here's what you'll need:
*A square piece of wood, any size you want
*a napkin that has three layers
*mod podge
*distress inks
*roman numerals stencils (you could print some off the computer and trace around them)
*round objects you can use for tracing circles
*brads or eyelets

1. First apply a coat of mod podge to your wood and lay down one thin layer of tissue ( I just used one napkin and separated the three layers and glued them individually).

2. let dry a bit and add more mod podge and glue another sheet of tissue. Repeat a third time. by gluing them individually you get more crinkles.

3. Paint your first coat, I used dark brown acrylic paint. Let dry. It had this really awesome leather look:)

4. Apply your top coat, I used an off white acrylic paint. Let dry and lightly sand over the top to reveal the bottom coat here and there.

5. Use distress inks with a sponge to add color, I used walnut and peeled paint which is a green color. You might notice that there are brown splotches on my clock face, that's because I used a stain at first that didn't work well at all, I also messed up the last circle and had to start all over again so the second time around I didn't use the stain and just used the distress inks. I'm glad I messed up the first time:)

6. I used one of the kids plastic plates to trace a circle in the middle, then I stuck my numerals around the circle. I traced about them and filled them in with a sharpie. Then I traced a circle around the outside of the numerals, finding something the right size was almost impossible, this is where I messed up the first time, I kept trying to fix my circle which just looked worse and worse ( I ended up just painting the whole thing off white again and started over). To finish it off, I lightly sanded over all the black sharpie numerals and circles so they wouldn't shine so much, it looks a lot better that way. I flattened some eyelets and brads for the small middle circle and to put over the numbers.

I really like the finished look. My apothecary jars go perfectly with it. By the way I made those jars just by gluing mason jars on top of some IKEA candlesticks and adding a little knob to the top of the lid!

If you give it a go send me some pictures!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness Emily!!! I want your clock AND your apothecary jars. I think I say this every time I comment're SOOO talented. I might have to copy everything you do. Ü

  2. That looks familiar. I have one of those in my living room too!