Monday, June 6, 2011

cabinet door tray

I've been seeing a lot of projects on blog land using cabinet doors, sadly I can't just buy closet doors here so I finally decided to just make one.

I bought a rectangular piece of pine, some molding and two handles. You'll also need a saw and a miter box, as well as paint, wood glue and strong contact glue.
Start by measuring what size you want the middle part of your door to be and then cut the molding using the 45 degree angles on your miter box.

Then using wood glue just glue the molding into place.

Fill any cracks with wood paste (read the instructions on the box).

I started by painting my tray dark brown.

Then I went over it with an off white. once that was dry I sanded the edges and the molding, then only part I didn't sand was the middle of the door inside the molding. Then I glued my handles to the door.

I wanted yellow and aqua for the decoration, the only thing I had to buy were the flowers. I really like how it turned out.

I think it goes well with the turquoise canvases I have on my wall!


  1. J'ADORE! c'est trop beau!
    j'ai une commode chez moi qui c'est cassé et j'ai des portes qui ne servent donc plus a rien,, estce que tu peut medonner le lien des site ou tu as vue les différents projet pour que çame donne des idées, aulieu qu'elles reste dans le garage pour rien

  2. at first i thought those beads were a wallpaper insert. that would have been clever too. i love wall paper -- as long as it is not on the walls.

  3. I agree, I hate wall paper on walls but I love all the amazing designs you can get for wall paper:)