Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One more felt hair clip post:)

The other day I remembered that I had more flower die cuts that I hadn't used to make hair clips with so I got to work, and I LOVE the finished product!!

 I used the spellbinders 'Rose creation' set and the sizes that I used are the two smallest orange ones and the darkest flower on the cover of this set.
 I used my grand calibur to cut the biggest flower die twice and the the two smallest ones once each. You'll also need a button, a simple hair clip and of course some felt for the leaf.
 first stack the flowers together, I went from biggest to smallest. Then glue the button to the middle of the flower and add the leaf to the back of the flower. I used my glue gun once again to put the whole thing together.
 Hot glue to the hair clip to the back making sure that the top of the clip is completely covered by the flower, as shown in the picture below.
 Then go buy felt in all different colors and make tons of these little flowers!! Enjoy!

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