Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pomander flowers

Eventually the flowers I had on this piece of furniture died so I had to find something new for my spring decoration. I came across this post on how to make pomander flowers and got straight to work.

I used my silhouette to cut out hydrangea petals from shiny pearl pink and violet paper ( you could use a flower punch). I made two 4 inch pomanders and one 2 inches big using Styrofoam balls. For the bigger pomander I cut petals about 3/4 inch big and for the smaller one I used petals that were about 1/3 of an inch. Curl the edges of all the petals (you'll need about two sheets of paper per pomander or one sheet for the small pomander).

I then used a box of sewing pins and 2 small boxes of white shiny beads.
Pull a bead through a sewing pin and poke it through the middle of a hydrangea petal. Then poke it into a Styrofoam ball. In the picture below you can see the different petal sizes I used. At first I was just going to use the small petals but it would have been so much work so I switched to the bigger petals and kept the small ones for my 2 inch Styrofoam ball. This was a very simple project, perfect for a movie night!
I placed the finished pomander flowers on top of my white Ikea candle sticks.
Oh and I finally found a place for my feathered wreath, the shutters open up and there is a mirror inside, I found it in a hobby store in Germany a couple weeks ago when I was visiting friends in Munich.
I have three of these gorgeous birds that I bought a while back but so far I've had a hard time finding the right spot for them.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe try it out yourself!
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  1. T'as super bien choisi ton papier. J'en ai fait aussi, et je les ai demontrees a mon "home decoration club" hier soir. Les filles qui sont venues en ont fait des supers belles, avec 2 couleurs differentes (vert fonce dessous, beige rose dessus). J'aime bien tes porte-bougie aussi!

  2. Merci Laurie-Anne, oui j'ai eu de la chance de trouver du jolie papier ici:) Par contre les perles n'étaient pas donnée. J'aimerais bien être aux US juste pour les crafts, tout est tellement plus abordable qu'ici. C super parce qu'il y a plein de possibilité avec ces fleurs!

  3. Baš mi se sviđaju ovi mali cvjetići, hvala za tutorial.
    Vidim da si pronašla mjesto za vjenčić od perja,lijepo izgleda.A ogledalo sa kapcima je jako interesantno.

  4. Thanks Melanzana, glad you like the tutorial! Yes, I was very excited to find the mirror with the shutters, I'm glad I have a place for my wreath now:) Have a nice easter!

  5. Hello dear, find you over Melanzana, nice post hava a nice days in blogging. Happy Easter. Loredana