Friday, April 1, 2011

spring/easter wreath

I saw a wreath like this around Christmas time in the stores here in Switzerland and knew I had to make one myself but it took me forever to find relatively cheap feathers so the project kept being put off.
Finally I found the supplies I needed and got to work.
You'll need:*lots of feathers ( I used white ones because everything else was too expensive but it worked out well since the Styrofoam wreath was also white) I ended up using a bit less than one bag of feathers
*Styrofoam wreath with a flat bottom
*beads to match the feathers (mine were 8mm wide and you dont need very many)
*small scissors
*glue gun!

You dont need the whole feather, you want to remove all the fluffy bits so you're feathers look more like the feather on the top right in the picture bellow.
Once you're feathers are ready you can start gluing them to your wreath, I started at the top first and then added two rows of feathers on either side of the top row, it takes some time but it's pretty simple.
After you've added all your feathers just add some beads here and there by sticking them into the feathers, I didn't add any glue in this step because I didn't know how best to do that but it would be a good idea because the beads have a tendency to slip off.
I like how it turned out, now I just dont know where to put it because all my walls are white as well as my front it just blends into everything!! Help!">


  1. Vjenčić ti je prekrasan...
    Lijepo bi izgledao na nekakvom stolu ili ga možeš objesiti na veliko ogledalo....

  2. thanks, a mirror is a great idea!

  3. Hanging it over a mirror could be cute. Another idea is to startch a square of fabric to the wall to kind of "frame" the wreath. I just tried startching fabric to a wall last month and it was super easy, cheap and doesn't damage the wall (perfect to rentals). I'm sure whatever you do will be cute. :)

  4. I'd never heard of starching fabric to cover walls, that's a neat idea! I dont think it would work on our apartment though because our walls are textured, so if I only cover a smalls square I'm afraid it wont look natural. I have a square frame though without a glass, I'm thinking of adding fabric to the back of that and attaching the wreath to the frame. Thanks for your idea Robyn!

  5. j'aime ,j'aime ,j'aime,, c'est domage les images ne s'affichent pas toutes

  6. Merci Steph, si les images son toute affiché, c juste que j'ai du les mettre 2 fois parce que la première fois ca n'avais pas marché mais il reste des petite case vide.