Monday, April 11, 2011

Oversized glasses

I dont really know what to call these but they made me think of a really big drinking glass:) So here's what I made with the stuff I got at Ikea! Originally I wanted to make Hurricane vases like I saw on this website but I couldn't find cheap glass candlesticks or cheap vases until I went to IKEA and was inspired to make something a bit different.
Here's what you'll need:
3 Ikea vases at about 2 dollars each
7 small glass candle holders at about 50 cents a piece
3 glass candle coasters at about a dollar a piece
strong CLEAR glue!and of course something to fill the vases with!
I started by removing all the stickers from my items (I think that's what took most time!). Then glued the bass of a candle holder to a glass coaster.
The bass of the candle holder fits perfectly into the center part of the coaster which goes down slightly.
I made 2 different heights, one with three candle holders and 2 with 2 candle holders, so it's just a question of stacking them and gluing them together. I made sure to let everything dry for quite a while so it took me about 24 hours to finish the project but I probably only spent about 45 minutes actually working on it.
To finish it off glue the vase to your candle holders.
Then fill the vases with whatever you want, I tried out a few things until I found what I liked.
3 candles were too much in the end so I added some potpourri that I got at IKEA in the two shorter vases:)
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  1. Very clever! I love the shape of those vases! Thanks for sharing.
    Scissors and Spatulas

  2. Thanks Jen, I'm glad you like them! Happy Easter!

  3. Gotta love Ikea! I wish I had one closer to me...

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week.