Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moss topiary tutorial

Still trying to bring more spring into our home I decided to finally make a topiary. I had plans to make one with fabric flowers for months now, even bought the fabric and everything but it just seemed too time consuming, so I went with the moss idea I saw in a store.
Supplies you'll need:
pot holder
Styrofoam ball
the foam stuff you use to poke flowers into (that long rectangle thingy in the picture)
fake moss
fake flowers
glue gun

The top picture isn't completely accurate because I ended up getting a darker moss and smaller fabric flowers. I also thought I'd paint my dowels but I was too tired so I made it as simple as possible. you could be a lot more creative with this project!
I started by using my hot glue gun to glue the moss to the Styrofoam ball, mine isn't really well covered, you can see some white bits but the moss wasn't really cheap so I only bought one small bag.

I then held 3 dowels together and pocked them into the ball and the other ends went into the gray foam stuff which I had cut to size so it would fit in my pot.
I covered the bottom with the lighter moss and glued little pink flowers to the topiary. Have a nice week end!



  1. Super tutorijal, nešto slično sam ja radila za Božić.Na lopticu od stiropora sam zalijepila rižu i ofarbala zlatnom bojom.
    Ovo tvoje stabalce priziva nam proljeće.

  2. Thanks Ashley, glad you like it!