Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painted eggs

Part of my new calling at church is to decorate the relief society room depending on the season. Since Easter is coming up I thought I'd get tarted on some decorations. While I was at it I decided to work on some decorations for our home as well. The first thing I did was paint some eggs to decorate some branches for our home and for church. Here's the finished product for our home:

Here's how I decorated the eggs:
I bought 20 white eggs and started by cleaning them with some warm soapy water. Then I used a sewing pin and hammer to poke a hole on either side of each egg.
Then I used a yarn needle to make the hole on either side big enough for the entire needle to fit through the hole.
Once the holes were done I blew out the contents of each egg, if the holes are big enough it doesn't take a lot of time to empty them. Before painting them I rinsed them with some warm water and blew into each egg to get all the water out.
I mixed some acrylic paints to get the color that I wanted. I used wooden skewers which I poked into the egg carton to hold the eggs in place and to not get paint all over my hands. One coat of paint was enough so once it was dry I mixed some white acrylic paint with a bit of water and used a tooth brush to spritz the eggs, be careful this part can get messy!!
I didn't wait for the white to dry I just went and did the some thing with some dark brown paint mixed with a bit of water.
Once the eggs were dry (later that evening, as you can tell from the lighting) I got some thin white ribbon, made a loop and tied a knot at the end.
I stuck the knot through the top whole of the egg and added some glue with my glue gun to seal the hole.

I glued little pink flowers to my branches to add some color.

My daughter found a little bird nest on the ground at her kindergarten which I stuck in between the branches. Enjoy!

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