Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mini album

My Grand-ma's birthday is coming up and since it just gets harder and harder to know what to get for my grand-parents I decided to make a scrapbook mini album. It's actually a wallet mini that I saw on youtube, I just made it a bit smaller.

I love it because it's very compact and I managed to fit a lot of pictures in it. It measures about 10.5cmX12cm when closed and mine is about 1 cm thick with all the pictures inside.

It has lots of flaps:)
I didn't use any scrapbook paper, instead I almost only used cream paper which I dry embossed with the cuttlebug and entirely inked with distress inks. It is definitively more work this way but I dont own a lot of scrapbook paper since it is so expensive here and I didn't think any of the papers I had would work for a mini album for my Grand-ma. I'm always proud when I can make a card or scrapbook project without using scrapbook paper:)

In the end I covered the outside of the mini with contact paper to protect it from ripping and I added a little Velcro half circle to open and close it. Enjoy!

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