Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scandinavian/shabby chic inspired Christmas

For the past year I've been eyeing Scandinavian decor. In June a friend of mine gave me some of her old Jeanne d'arc living magazines and I fell in love with their Christmas edition, I have the one for 2011. 
This is the picture that most inspired my Christmas decorating this year:)
Today I'm just going to share with you how I decorated our front door. This year I mostly used white and silver for my colors and a lot of fresh pine branches.

  I made  a few fresh wreaths for inside and outside but left them plain with just a big white fabric bow. I love zinc, so I tried to add some zinc decorations everywhere I could. I fond a whole bunch at Ikea that I used for our Christmas tree but I'll show you those in a separate post.
 I found these used ice skates on ebay for 5 euros! I dont think they are very old but I mainly wanted them to look used:)
 I also love this old Davos sled that I got on an auction site in Switzerland for 15 dollars. The silver lantern is from Ikea;) I'll be back soon with more pictures of our Christmas decorations!


  1. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! :) Just spent a little more time looking at yours, and I love it! You have some great projects on here!