Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas decorations and Nativity

We finally splurged and got a nice nativity this year! We decided to go with the willow tree nativity set, I really like the colors and I love that Mary is holding baby Jesus in her arms. Next year we'll probably buy the wise men set to complete the nativity.

Here's a display I have in my dinning room. Still need to find a nicer piece of furniture to replace the old Billy shelf there...

I'm in love with my new countdown blocks and I love the colors I chose for this year, red and white, well my Christmas tree has silver too, I'll be posting a picture of that soon!
I love these decorative glasses that I found, perfect for little candles.

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  1. I love the Willow Tree nativity set. I actually have one in the US. I love all the crafts that you do and I look forward to trying some of these out when we move back! Your place looks so magical for Christmas! I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! We'll have to catch up when you get home. Have a happy New Year!