Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas tree and DIY ladder

So this year our tree is white and silver and I also added a few wooden ornaments. I decided to put up twinkle lights and also add real candles, I am not planning on lighting them but I think they add a nice touch.

Here's the ladder that I made, I wouldn't recommend trying to climb on it though since I just glued the dowels to the sides of the ladder. It was an easy project but took up quite a bit of space, plus I had to paint it white at the end (just one coat though because I didn't want it to look perfect) so I had to do it while my son was napping.
I had some leftover green branches from my wreath that I used to decorate the side of the ladder as well as some of those plastic clear round ornaments that you can fill. I didn't make the felt advent calendar....I know, that's awful! :) The ladder is perfect for showing off the calendar though. I'm excited to see how I'm going to use this ladder to decorate our home after the holidays;)
Here's a shot of the tree all lit up!
Oh, I actually took out my sewing machine and made a tree skirt! I had a little help from a friend to cut out the big circle, thanks Noomi! I love how it turned out, to make it look fuller I actually put that fake rock imitation paper that we usually used around the bottom of the tree and then put the skirt on top of that.

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  1. tres bonne idée le tapis pour le sapin, moi j'utilise chaque année le fameux sac a sapin couleur or lol