Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween banner-pottery barn knockoff

I usually dont decorate for Halloween because I love fall decor so much but after seeing this banner from Sweet something design:
I fell in love and ran to the fabric store:)

And here is my finished banner. I love it!
 You can go on the website of sweet something design to get the tutorial but just a word of warning, I tried to get a fabric that resembled canvas and the problem I had was that it was hard to stain. In the following picture you can see the fabric before and after it soaked in black tea for almost 2 hours. My fabric was practically water proof so I kept having to scrunch it up and putting it back in the tea till it was not white anymore.
 Then once I had all my banner pieces I took some twine and made a knot at the end.
 Then I took a crochet hook and put it through my banner piece
 hooked it to the knot in my twine and pulled it out of the banner.
 I used my stocking hooks to hang the banner off my chimney mantel. Originally I was going to hang this banner outside but it is perfect on the chimney I think.

 Since my outside decoration fell through I got to work on something else for our front door, I will be posting that soon with a tutorial!

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