Monday, October 7, 2013

Rapunzel birthday party part 2

As promised I'm posting pictures of Megan's party with her friends. I made a couple signs to help direct people to our house, we had English speakers and French speakers so I made 2 signs.
My computer is down so I'm writing this post from my tablet which only allows me to write a body of text and then lost all the pictures underneath, so I'm sorry about the layout!
I made a second long braid to decorate the front door and printed off a picture of Flynn rider:-)  for the dessert table I made a cake inspired by one I saw on pinterest. For the craft the kids made pascal party blowers (not very original I know). I made 'frying pans' with paper plates and a plastic fork for the handle, the kids each got a frying pan and a balloon with a glow in the dark stick inside, we turned the lights off and they had to try to keep their balloon in the air with their frying pan.
For the second game I gave each child yellow tissue paper cut in long strips that they used to get tangeled in, they had a lot of fun with that one:-)
After the kids played, had cake and Megan opened her presents they all got to open the piñata. They all had a great time and I even told them the real story of Rapunzel:-)
The goodie bags had a set of paint colors and a braided sweetbread bun I got from the store. Hope some of these ideas can help you and your future party!

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