Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Planes birthday party

In November my son celebrated his 4th birthday! We went for a planes party because he had just seen the movie and was all about planes:)
Sorry for the lack of pictures this time, I didn't realize until now that I had taken so few pictures. The happy birthday banner is a paper banner this year but I made a whole bunch of black and white checkered fabric buntings that we put up, you can kind of see them in the mirror if you look closely...
I made two larger racing flags and whole bunch of small ones as well as a couple table runners. We went for the colors sky blue and orange.

 For the food Isaac really wanted chocolate chip cookies but I also made, rice krispie treats with blue and orange sprinkles, cloud shaped sugar cookies. Little plane shaped jello pieces and I also made cloud shaped sandwiches for the kids.

 Here are a few close up shots of the chocolate cake and cupcakes I made. I covered everything with blue butter cream frosting and pipped some white clouds here and there. for the cupcakes I also made some orange stars using modeling chocolate.

One of Isaac's gifts was a little die cats Dusty plane, last year for his cars party I put Lightning Mcqueen on his cake and he loved that so this year I decided to also put a little die cast on the cake, it's his favorite part:)

I made the sign with 'Isaac' on it using modeling chocolate once again and I printed out some templates off the computer making them  the size I wanted, I then cut them out and laminated them. after I rolled out my modeling chocolate and placed the laminated template on the rolled out chocolate I traced around it with a knife. So there is a gray layer, then an orange layer on top of that and I have little alphabet cookie cutters I used for his name and the star.

 For the games we made a bunch of paper airplanes for the kids when they first arrived using the Osborn paper airplanes fold and fly book and then I used a large roll of blue kraft paper with holes in it for the kids to practice aiming their planes in.
 We played pin the propeller on dusty:)
 And of course finished off with a pinata in our garage (dont mind the mess...)
Next time I will show you the invitations I made for Isaac's party with a tutorial on how I made them.
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  1. This is so cute!! I loved everything except that we weren't there. ;) How long did it take you to prepare for the party?

  2. hey, thanks! Yes, I'm sure the party would have been even more fun with you guys around:) I think it took me about 2 weeks to do everything, decorations, games and food, luckily both kids are in school during the day!