Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fancy DIY planter

I've been wanting to make a planter or a tool box for some time now, lately my husband has been busy programming a chess game on the computer so figured I should do something productive as well. Plus my kitchen table really needed something cute:)

Here's how I made the planter. I bought a 2.5meter long (and about 14cm wide) wood plank and had the guy at the store cut it into five 50cm pieces. When I got home I measured and cut the two smaller pieces with my miter box to go on the shorter sides of my planter.

Then I cut my molding to go around the bottom of the planter like frame. I'm still not very good at this so once it's all glued together I usually have to add A LOT of wood filler to cover up my mistakes.

I just used wood glue to glue two long pieces together.

Then I added the long sides to the top of the base.

And then my two short end pieces..of course they did not fit properly at all, I think I need a new miter box, it's too worn and doesn't cut straight anymore....someday I'll have an electrical one:)

I tried to tighten the sides as much as I could to minimize the gap but in the end I still had to use tons of wood filler.

Once the glue was dry I added the molding to the bottom just like a frame. I gave the whole thing two coats of white acrylic paint, then I sanded it down on the sided and added some walnut distress ink with a sponge so the molding would stick out more. My kitchen is mostly white but there a few touches of green so I stayed with that theme.

I really like my planter, it's just what my table needed! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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