Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st theme night/ladies night

Last week Tuesday I held a ladies night at our house. When fall arrives I usually really want to watch 'You've got mail', and it was no different this year so I thought I'd make a theme night out of it and invite my sisters in law and a few friends. We had a nice time chatting and then watching the movie together. for some it was their first time seeing the movie:)

 Here are the decorations I made or bought that worked nicely with the movie. Bouquet of sharpened pencils, daisies (aren't they just the friendliest flowers?), typewriter and some Anne of green gables books.
 I was inspired to organize this party after reading this post from a blogger called Nat the fat rat that I started following a couple months ago.
Hope to be organizing more such parties soon! Way less pressure than organizing a birthday party:)


  1. J'aime bien ce film avec Tom hanks et Meg RIAN

  2. HOw cute is this??? I love it!!! And I want an old typewriter like, that's awesome. :D

    1. Thanks! I found that typewriter at a flea market in Germany, it only cost me 5 euros (it's broken but for that price I dont care!). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. C'est une super belle idée!!! j'adore les petites lumières, la machine à écrire etc, en fait tout!