Friday, October 26, 2012

trick or treat!

Last week I ordered my first Halloween stamp set and the day I got it in the mail I saw this post on the waltzingmouse website using exactly the same stamps I'd ordered, so I was thrilled and busy the rest of the afternoon:)
These are called sour cream containers! They look like the sour cream containers you get at Wendy's when you order a baked potato:)

 They are super simple to make so let's get started:
You'll need paper (either designer paper or plain paper. I used both) cut at 4 1/4 inches X 5 1/2 inches (10,5cmX14cm).
 If you want you can decorate the plain paper using stamps.
 The most important thing you'll need to make the containers is strong double sided tape (scotch double face), make sure it isn't too thin either. Put double sided tape along both long sides and one short side.
 Roll you paper like a toilet paper roll and tape the short sides together.
 Then pinch the bottom together.
 This is what it should look like with one side shut:
 Next fill the container with candy!
 Now you want to turn the container and shut the top in the opposite way.
 Here's how it should look like in the end:
 Finish off by adding some black ribbon, a cute little label and I also used my black soot distress ink to make the whole thing look a bit spookier;)
 I've been giving them out to my kids friends and cousins and I think I probably need to make a few more:)


  1. trop chou, et pas béte du tout comme idée

    1. Merci! Je suis sur que tes filles aimerais les faire aussi! Ca pourrait aussi ce faire en plus grand pour mettre des bonbons et donner au enfants à une fête d'anniversaire! d'ailleur le scotch double face j'en ais trouvé à Carrefour pour 2,85 euros. Bisous!