Friday, November 2, 2012

Faux DIY fireplace

I've been wanting to make a faux fireplace for over a year now and I finally did it!! It took about 3 days to make with all the painting.

 I payed about 60 euros for all the wood, I already had the paint on hand and in the end I had extra molding left over (which will not go to waste!). It was hard to find a nice thick beam so I had to settle for something a lot thinner than what I had in mind but I quickly got over that:) We put the base together in three parts.

 And added molding until I liked the look of it.
 I used a nice dark varnish for my undercoat (the color is called Palisander in Switzerland or Germany).
 Then I added two coats of my favorite antic white.
 To finish it off I distressed all the edges with sand paper...I must confess I haven't yet covered the whole fireplace with a clear varnish to protect it...I was to excited to put it up on the wall:)
 The next day I was back in the wood store to buy the supplies to make the two big panels on either side of the fireplace.
 I love how it turned out. I would love to add a brick wall inside the fireplace but that will have to wait...
 A selection of pumpkins for fall, I'll be able to switch out the decorations in the basket depending on the season, so I'm happy about that too:)
 A closer look at the two wooden panels:


  1. c'est incroyable comme ça ressemble vraiment à une cheminée, bravo Emily!!! et au fait c'est pourquoi la plaque d'imatriculation??

    1. Merci Steph! Alors la plaque vient de l'Alsace, quand on était en Allemagne on habitait à 20 minutes de l'Alsace et je suis tombé amoureuse de tout ses petit villages et marché de Noel donc je me suis procuré une plaque dans un marché au puces:)

  2. Replies
    1. Merci Iris! J'éspère que bientot tu auras plus de temps pour ton blog toi aussi!;)

  3. Que dire si ce n'est J'aime J'aime J'aime!!!!!!!