Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cars themed birthday party

My now three year old son is REALLY into cars (not just the movie), so for his birthday last week I went for a lightning Mcqueen/Cars theme. The colors I decided to work with were red, yellow, black and white.

 This year instead of spending 3 hours decorating the birthday cake I thought I'd spend a little extra time making a really yummy cake:) I used this recipe and it was delicious, in between the two cake layers I added some raspberry jam and home made whipped cream.
 I made these little party favors using kraft envelops from the supermarket (carrefour).
 I had to color at least 30 of those Mcqueen stamped images, it took forever!
 My favorite part of birthday parties is making the buntings, I usually make fabric ones so they are more durable and once the party is over I can hang it up in my son's room:)
 The drinks table (the guests were bringing more drinks)
 Lemon meringue pie (because of the yellow color:) and backed potato dip for the chips.
 Chocolate caramel brownies
 These are the invitations I made for the party, I'll be posting a tutorial on how I put these together!

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  1. Trop génial ! T'es vraiment une super maman!!!! :)
    Trop beau !