Sunday, January 30, 2011


For my winter decorations I chose to go with light blue, silver and white this year. One of the things I wanted was to try out something I was planning to do at my future sister in law's wedding this summer with branches, flowers and butterflies. I gave it a go after going through the forest to find some dead branches! It was so much fun to make. I bought some cheap white fabric flowers that were on sale and just painted them with acrylic paint the color that I wanted. I bought a butterfly mobile for about 2 dollars ( at VIMA in France) and just used the individual butterflies. I also found some nice clear plastic beads to hang from the branches. I gathered my decorations and my glue gun and went to work. I really liked my finish product and ended up putting it on my living room table....after a few weeks of walking past it all the time and having to remove it every time we had visitors over for dinner I noticed that it was a bit of a pain. The branches were quite long (reminded me of spiders legs..) and I started to think, if we have this on all the tables at the wedding every time someone stands up he's going to get pocked in the eye!! Oh, and the kids would love it:) So it had to go...sadly.
But luckily I found a new use for it. I have these cute shelves that I asked my Dad to make for me and I couldn't find anything really nice to put on them, I kept making new things to display on the shelves and I'd get sick of them after a few hours. So instead of throwing out my long branches...I cut them and put them in these tiny candle glasses!
Now I can finally walk down my hallway and feel content:)

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