Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First silhouette projects

Before I had a silhouette I used to cut out letters by hand, it was very tedious but if you dont have a cutting machine then it still works you just can't cut anything really intricate like this winter sign I made. I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make your letters without a silhouette.

I love my blessing sign and as you can tell I love to distress edges:)
My first subway art, I couldn't imagine having to cut all that by hand but with the silhouette this was sooo easy! One of these days I'll probably stick a flower in that little triangle on the right side!
I just finished a little shelf/message board where we can also hang our keys and made this little frame to go over it. I cut out those 4 keys with my silhouette and painted the frame green, then I added two layers of jute, put the glass over it and stuck my keys to the front of the glass.


  1. I LOVE your wall art. I would love to do something like that if I had a Silhouette. Have fun with it and keep the posts coming! I'm putting your blog in my favorites.

  2. Thanks Laurie-Anne, I'll try posting as much as I can!