Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A way of life

For those of you who know me, I've always loved doing crafts, every since my mom taught me how to knit and cross stitch. Then I had my nail polish phase which honestly was a craft in itself, I would change my nail polish every evening and paint all sorts of things on them.
But times change and now I never have time for nail polish, I think I might have some left over nail polish on my nails from about 3 months ago:)
I am now married to a great man and have two wonderful children who keep me on my toes all day....without mentioning the dishes and the cleaning (awful combination for nail polish by the way!).
Recently we finally moved into a nice apartment which re awoke my urge to craft and I have been busy for the past 5 months changing everything around us. I love creating something new and getting to look at it every day, I also spend a lot of time wondering how I can improve something I've already made...it seems there will always be something to make and that I will never decide that our home is finally perfect...but that is the beauty of it!
For those of you who dont know me, I live in Switzerland and have moved between France and Germany most of my life. Living in Europe is wonderful but for someone who loves crafts it's a bit of a desert. I hope that through this blog I will be able to help others create and make the same things they could create in the US without the perks of having a Hobby lobby, Michaels or the dollar store just a block away:)


  1. Trop bien :) We are going to have fun !!

  2. merci les filles! Il faudrat qu'on fasse du bricolage ensemble bientôt!!

  3. je te le redis mais je trouve que c'est vraiment une tres tres bonne idée ce blog, je vais apprendre plein de nouvelles choses, et j'adore ça! =)

    alors Merci et bisous

  4. Merci Steph, et si jamais tu fait un truc que j'ai montré sur mon blog j'aimerais bienvoir ce que ca a donné!! Bisous!