Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter decorations....update

A little over a month ago I wrote a post about the blue eggs that I had painted for Easter and how I used them to decorate our dining room, this week I had a creative burst and redecorated our dining room and living room. In this post I just want to show the Easter related decorations we have in our home before Easter is over:)
I decided to use different branches for hanging the eggs.
This isn't a great picture, I'm actually trying to show the bird cage on the right that I bought in Italy 2 weeks ago.
I added some straw and a few eggs as well as a few branches sticking out from the top.
I made a cute tray for our dinning room table and added a blue egg on a plate for Easter and I love decorating with candles in our home:)

The tray was super simple to make I glued three identical pieces of wood together to make a rectangle and I cut molding to make a frame which I made separately and then glued on top of the rectangle. I just added a coat of antic white and that's it!

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