Monday, April 16, 2012

shutters...or cupboard doors?

I finally made something to fill this big white wall!

I'd seen a lot of people using old shutters to decorate their homes so when I saw these cupboard doors at the store I knew what they'd be perfect for:) I painted them my favorite gray brown varnish and hung them up on the wall. I soon noticed that there was still too much white space around the shutters so I quickly made two small shelves for candles.
I had everything I needed in my wood stash, I didn't even need to cut anything!
I just glued my two pieces together using wood glue.

and then used the same varnish that used for the shutters to paint them. Once they were dry my husband helped hang them up on the wall. The candles need a bit of vinyl I think, I'll have to get to work again:)

I found that gorgeous wreath at the hobby store a couple months back and couldn't wait to hang it up on the shutters. I didn't make the wreath myself because sometimes living here it is hard to find supplies and it would have cost me a lot more to make it myself.


  1. J'adore!! Ca fait vraiment trop bien !

  2. The room is so eye pleasant...Like the way you did with these shutters.

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  3. I love these shutters with the wreath! So pretty. I would love for you to come link up any of your projects at our Link Party - Jessica