Thursday, April 26, 2012

Felt clippies

The other day my sister in law asked me if i'd make some felt clippies for her girls, I had never heard of those before since I dont actually live in the states so I looked on-line and I've been hooked ever since! These little cuties are so quick and easy to make. I had everything I needed at home at least to start off. I'll be sharing how I made the little hair clips from the picture below.

 For the first flower you'll need a simple hair clip (these are so cheap and come in packs of 6 or more). 4 felt circles (I used my die cutting machine to cut these), the biggest circle is 4.5cm. You'll also need a decorative button and two leaves.
 I have this foliage die set from Spellbinders which is perfect for cutting out the little leaves for the flowers.
 I used a glue gun to assemble the flowers. add a small drop of glue to the center of each circle and stack them biggest to smallest. then glue the little leaves to the bottom of the biggest circle and glue the button in the middle of the smallest circle.
 Open the hair clip and put glue on the whole top part. Glue it to the back of your flower so that the clip is hidden by one of the leaves and the flower.

 As you can tell it really doesn't matter what color your clip is because you wont be able to see it!

For the second flower we'll just be using an alligator clip instead of a normal hair clip. You'll need ribbon to cover the alligator clip, I like to use a cream colored ribbon. And you'll need that little piece of  non-slip foam to glue inside the clip so that the clip wont fall out of our little girls fine hair.
 Assemble your flower just like the first flower but you can choose to glue to leaves a bit further apart for this one.
 Then glue the ribbon onto the alligator clip. I hope the pictures are clear enough...

 Then glue the little foam piece, I dont use the glue gun for this, for some reason it just doesn't stick well so I glue it down with a clear all purpose glue.
 Then just glue the flower to the top of the alligator clip, I wanted the clip to stick out a bit otherwise I would have used a simple hair clip. Enjoy!
I have another kind that I'm working on, I'll post about it soon!


  1. these turned out very cute. nicely done

    1. Thanks Jen! I bought some nice turquoise felt today;)

  2. c'est super comme idée, c'est vrai que des fois elles sont pas top les barettes,, je vais le faire faire aux filles par contre je vais me contenter des rond par ce que la rose laisse tomber hahahahaha!
    en tout cas j'aime beaucoup celle que tu as fais

    1. Oui, c super facile, les filles vont s'amuser! Mais les roses aussi tu peut les faire comme sur cette video
      J'ai hate de voir les chef d'oeuvres de tes filles! Bisous!

  3. These are so cute! I love felt! I'm a new follower. Trying to find people who have die cutting machines to enter a giveaway on my blog for a cutting die. Not many entries and it ends tomorrow. :)