Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Picture wall and monogram plaque

As promised here are the next pictures of our redecorated living room. We finally bought a piano after being married for almost 7 years, it's especially sad because my husband is a good piano player and has barely had the chance to play since we got married. But the waiting is finally over:) We decided to put it here, right next to our big windows that bring in a lot of light, we had to move our sideboard into the hallway and I still dont know what I'm going to do with it there.

We finally put up family pictures in our apartment and I think this is the perfect spot for them.

Here's a closer look of the monogrammed plaque from the picture above. This was a simple project thanks to my silhouette SD.
I cut three pieces of wood, I used what I had in the house and used two different sizes of wood so I could get the plaque size that I wanted.
Once they were glued I varnished them with this awesome grayish brown wood varnish which I love because it looks like I used old pallet wood to make this sign.
I had my silhouette cut out the design that I found on the online store and I added the 'T' for our last name. I filled in the stencil with antic white.
The lines aren't perfect but that's the way I wanted it:)
I love our new family frame wall!
Some of these pictures are over a year old and I haven't had the time to take better pictures so these will be staying for now!

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