Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Golf/Jeeves & Wooster desert table

Last Sunday my father in law turned 60 (no the banner does not say goth party...). The Friday before I went into a party planning mood and decided to organize a golf/Jeeves & Wooster (british TV show) dessert table. Jeeves and Wooster was a bit difficult so we had the theme music on when my father in law came in and I tried to give the table a vintage feel since the show takes place in the 1920s, Wooster also loves golf and berets. My sister in law Linda helped me a lot with the food and my mother in law as well. 

 It all started with this cake that I saw on Jenny cookies, she is so talented. Making cakes is so not my thing, I'd much rather make cupcakes! Anyway I loved the idea of putting a golf ball in the cake:)
 Sunday was also St Patricks day so green was the main color and we had some yellow too.
 Yummy lemon meringue pie and delicious little vanilla and chocolate eclairs!
 Fresh home made lemonade and oreo cake pops, here's where I got the recipe for the cake pops (it's in french though).

A couple weeks ago I discovered how to make mini pavlovas (picture below), it's a marshmallowy (is that a word??) meringue base topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh fruit. I'll be sharing that recipe soon. It became an instant favorite in our family!
 So this is what I whipped up in 2 days. This Friday I'm organizing a cupcake bar for our relief society activity at church so I hope to post picture of that this week end! Have a nice week!

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