Friday, March 22, 2013

Pink and white cupcake bar

Tonight we celebrated the 171st anniversary of the relief society in our church. We had several little service activities and at the end we had refreshments. To make the evening feel more festive I organized a cupcake bar and went crazy on white and pink:) I love how it turned out and I had a lot of fun preparing everything.

 My husband's aunt and I made a total of 100 cupcakes for the evening, we had chocolate, lemon, nuts and yogurt cupcakes. I made the little labels using the silhouette program and I got the cute card holders in England.
 I went pinwheel crazy this week. I was planning on making three to go inside the white crate like in the picture below but they were so much fun to make that I made over 30 of them in the end...
 A sister in our ward turned 75 today so I made this small pink cake for her and tried for the first time to make a ruffle buttercream frosting.
 I used a wilton #104 petal piping tip. For a first try I'm really quite happy with it.

One more close up of the ruffle cake:)

I put little pink candies in the jars and also put the different frostings in glass jars.
 I made a sign (in french) explaining how to use the cupcake bar.

 More pinwheels and I also tried making french meringues for the first time. Of course I made them pink:) Here's the recipe I used. I made mine very small, a bit smaller than an inch and made 120 with that recipe. They are cute and very yummy too:)

 It was a great evening, we got a lot of service projects done and had a great time chatting and eating! Have a great week end!!


  1. Wow ! Troooop bien fait ! Elles ont du etre super contentes ! :)

    1. Merci Iris! Oui c'était une bonne soirée. On a hate de vous voir la semaine prochaine!!

  2. Dit, tu veux pas venir faire la même chose chez nous? =) =) =)