Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A cute fail (sewing project)

A couple weeks ago I pinned this adorable idea off pinterest. It's a french site selling cute stuffed toys like, lambs, rain drops, clouds and more. I fell in love with the adorable rain clouds and finally made three yesterday. I am not totally satisfied with my finished rain drops that look more like cones than drops but I love their adorable little faces. 
So I'm going to do a tutorial on these but keep in mind that you will have to make changes to avoid the same problems I had and if any of you know where I went wrong or what I could have done better please let me know!!

  I drew my templates freehand on baking paper, I later went back and made the bottom less round which is probably why my rain drops are so flat...
 I traced two of each size onto my cotton fabric of choice and cut them out.
 I then used a chalk pencil to trace the mouth and face, dont make the same mistake I made, my faces are too far down on the rain drop, make sure yours are a bit higher up!
 I didn't have embroidery thread so I just used 5 strands of regular black cotton thread together and an embroidery needle.
 I followed my drawing with the needle and thread.
 Next I pinned my rain drops right sides together leaving an opening at the bottom to turn it inside out later. maybe I should have left the opening some place else and not on the bottom. I am just learning how to sew so I have to learn from my mistakes, if anyone knows what I could have done better please comment bellow!
 sew around the edge leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance and make sure to leave an opening!
 Turn your project inside out.
 Next fill your rain drop with pillow stuffing, I used 100% polyester fibers.

 Once you've filled it up enough sew the bottom together and you're done!

 I think my 'cones' will be a cute addition for the babies corner. I'll be sharing more baby projects soon!

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