Tuesday, February 1, 2011

faux 'antique' handle

So to make a handle for your laundry sign...or any other sign that might need a handle, here's what you'll need: Fabric flowers with a thick stem that have a wire inside of them so you can twist them into any shape you like. I got mine at IKEA for 50 cents if I'm not mistaken!

And some dark gray wire, you could use pliers too but I couldn't find mine and I managed very well without them:)
Start by removing the flower from the stem and start twisting the wire around the stem, I went across twice and the first time I tried to make it bulky by not twisting it tightly around the stem. then when you go across the second time make sure to fill in any holes where the green stem might be showing!
The ends aren't completely covered on mine but it didn't bother me, I'm sure you could cover them up better if you wanted to.
With this one I tried to add extra wire to the ends to make them look round but because I was too eager I didn't get both sides even.

So to finish my laundry sign I asked my husband to drill two holes on the top front of my sign and I stringed some ribbons into them and tied my handle to the sign with the ribbon. Voila! super cheap project but I finally have something nice to look at when I walk past my laundry baskets:)

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