Friday, February 11, 2011

Pillow stencil

Apparently stencils are in at the moment! I found these great canvas pillows for 2.50 euros the other day (3.50 dollars) and just couldn't resist, so I got three to replace my old pillows on our couches. I wanted to try stenciling so I thought I'd put our initials on one of the pillows. Of course this week my daughter was sick and then I got sick so I didn't have time to go to the store and pick up some fabric paint and since I am very impatient I just decided to use plain acrylic paint seeing how well it stays on my clothes when I get clumsy while I'm painting.

I started out by cutting my image out of vinyl with my silhouette and I just transferred the image to my pillow case.

I went around all the letters and numbers with a pencil

Then I covered a hardback book with a plastic bag to protect it and I put it inside the pillow case so the paint wouldn't go through to the other side of the case and so that I had a sturdy surface to paint on.
Once the paint was dry I attached tassels to the four corners with a yarn needle.
And I tied a knot inside the pillow case for each tassel.
My husband doesn't like the tassels and I think I'll get tired of them soon but I can easily remove them so I'm not worried:) I like how it turned out though...for now!


  1. Pillows are wonderful, interesting way to create, great tutorial, thanks. Heppy Valentine's Day.
    bye ...

  2. Thanks, yes I've just discovered how fun pillows can be, they do add a lot! Can't wait to try some new projects with pillows:)

  3. Very nice. can use Reynold's Freezer paper to do stencils. You can cut them out just like you did your vinyl and press using an iron to stick to your fabric, then paint.