Friday, February 11, 2011

living room reveal...good bye canvases

A few months back I made this family sign after seeing it on a blog called Dittle Dattle she has a tutorial on how to make this so I wont be doing one here. Up until two days ago I didn't have anything over the sign because I wanted to have canvas pictures of our family, I was going to transfer the images on the canvases myself, sadly the process only worked once...and I ruined a few canvases whilst trying.

Then last week I stumbled on these great wooden frames for which I only paid 5 euros (about 7 dollars)!! They were on sale, originally priced at 26 euros for the three frames so I bought two sets. I didn't like the black because my sign is green and brown...and I'm very much into green at the moment.
So I painted them a nice guacamole color:)

And I sanded the edges so the black could stick out a bit, I then added some brown ribbon on the back!

Here's the finished look of our living room wall, in my previous post I mentioned the canvases that used to be where I now have the painting..I can't believe I hadn't noticed how perfect it was for that wall, instead I had it in the dining room and there was a huge lack of color over there. Finally starting to like our living room/dining room area...I can walk into the room without my head spinning:)

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  1. j'ai une idée un peut similaire avec des cadres, mais je pense jamais a acheter descadres quand j'en vois grrrr!