Friday, February 11, 2011

From not so finally!

About 4 months ago I had decided I wanted to have some canvas art in my home and because I was impatient I decided I would paint on them myself (freehand) instead of stenciling or using fabric or paper (too expensive). What an awful mistake that was, I am definitely not a painter, so here is my lame attempt at some cherry tree blossoms:

I know...dreadful...I can't believe I had that in my living room for over a month, at the time I was just happy to have something filling up the empty space.
So almost 2 months later I bought some nice wallpaper and covered my doodles and added a third canvas, it was better and at first I thought it was awesome...probably because I was glad I didn't have to look at my poor old cherry tree anymore. But then 3 days ago i noticed that the wallpaper on my canvases just didn't match the rest of the decor in the living it had to go. I took off the wallpaper and started painting my canvases...first a nice coat of black to hide the branches and then a green color that I thought I wanted...but I was not happy with the result
so I kept going over it, trying to add some blue into the green...
and it just kept getting worse and worse..
Finally after finding a bucket of paint with the picture of a turquoise wooden box I felt inspired! My living room and dining room area is either blue or green depending on the a mix of both was perfect!
I painted two canvases turquoise and one in an off white paint I'd forgotten I had.
Then I downloaded an image from the silhouette library (it took me over 3 hours to decide on the right image). This time I knew I was not going to paint, so I just blew up the image to the size I wanted and then I cut it into several parts to fit them on the silhouette carrier sheets. I then had the silhouette cut it out on vinyl. All I had to do then was assemble the pieces and stick them on the canvases.
Oh and there are four birds, the two bigger ones represent the parents and the two smaller ones represent our kids.

I love how it turned out...and instead of hanging it up in my living room area I put it all up in the dining room which was in desperate need of some color..and all along I had the perfect framed image to put in my living room instead of the canvases...but that is for my next post!

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